MDX is the container and management technology used by Citrix XenMobile. Like with any Citrix product new versions of the MDX toolkit are frequently announced to fix bugs and introduce new features. It is important to know the version of the toolkit used as it determines the version of the MDX sdk added to an app.

The bad news is that after wrapping(*) an app there is no obvious way to determine the version of the MDX toolkit used during the wrapping process. The management interface gives you some clues by looking at the available configuration options for the app but this is a bit clumsy.

There is a more exact way to determine the MDX toolkit used to wrap a specific app.
Just perform the following steps on the .mdx file:

  • Rename the .mdx file extension to .zip.
  • Extract the manifest.xml file from the zip
  • Look for MamToolsProductVersion in manifest.xml to find the toolkit version used

Example of an app wrapped with MDX toolkit version 10.0.3:


Hope you find this useful.

(*) Wrapping is a way to add  management and containerization technology to an ipa (IOS) or APK (Android) package without requiring code changes to the source package. In general wrapping allows you to take your existing applications and add your vendors Mobile Application Management (MAM) technology to it.