Ever wanted to have two versions or two configurations of an app in the WorxStore?
Reasons for wanting this could be to test an app with different policies or to test an update for an app with a specific group of users before rolling it out to all users.

It can be done but it has some risks.

As soon as a user gets multiple incarnations of the same app visible in the WorxStore problems will arise.
Let’s say you have an line of business app called “LOB” and you publish the same app with different settings as “LOB2”.

What can happen if your users have rights to both “apps” (i.e. they can see both versions in the WorxStore)?

  • Install one version of the app and WorxHome may show both versions of the app as installed;
  • Policies of app version LOB may be applied to users which installed app version LOB2 and vice versa;
  • Remove access rights to one version the app and users with access to both LOB and LOB2 will have any version of the app removed. Even users who never installed the other version of the app. In the XenMobile and WorxHome logs you can view the uninstall command based on the app id, the app id is the same for both versions of the app.

All this is avoidable by preventing the users ever having rights to both versions of the app.

What you need to do:

  • You need to wrap the app (apk or ipa) a second time (*);
  • Create a separate role and add the extra version of app to this role;
  • Keep everything separated. Do not have users gain access to two versions of the same app on one device ever.

Publishing an app twice is generally a bad idea in XenMobile. You are prone to make an mistake.